Thank You Foster Homes

I personally want to thank each of these people who have taken in one or more birds and helped rehabilitate, feed, and give them TLC. I know this is not for everyone. We all have busy schedules but these people have made the time for these companions they love so much.

Dean Tyson

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Foster Homes Sought

Help us grow our "Happy Tails" list - become a Beak n Wings foster home. Click here for more information. MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED TO FOSTER. We are happy to help train our new foster homes in parrot care if needed.


"Beak n Wings does not euthanize birds due to over population".
This does not mean that there will not be any euthanasia of those birds that are too sick or injured to ever recover.

Don't see what your looking for here? Check Burge Bird Rescue.

Number of birds we have taken in to re-home:
2003 = 58
2004 = 124
2005 = 110
2006 = 200
2007 = 177
2008 = 164
2009 = 210
2010 = 64
2011 = 142
2012 = 100
2013 = 106
Total to date = 1455
Finch to Macaws
Updated 1/7/14

Birds We've Helped

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