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Lucky and Timone                                                               

I have had birds, off and on, my whole life. Currently I’m pretty active on Facebook in a few parrot sites since I have a five year old Timneh African Grey. Last fall (Nov. 2013) I watched a program called Nature and this episode was titled Parrot Confidential.   This show changed me, changed my life and opened my eyes to the plight of parrots. So many are abandoned and I had no idea. So I decided I wanted to be part of the solutions, as I believe I had been part of the problem, without even knowing it.

I started searching online for parrot rescue groups close to my home, Topeka, Kansas. I found a wonderful group called Beak N Wings Rescue. They were just an hour away in the Kansas City area. I already had in my mind that I wanted to adopt a conure since I had had one in the past, particularly a Jenday Conure. They had two, but I focused on the little guy that had plucked his chest because of the stress in his little life. Yes, this is something they do. It’s comparable to people who cut themselves. I understand he was found outside being chased by a dog. No other information was really available. But I waited because I wasn’t sure if we were moving west or not. In February we were sure we weren’t moving and so I decided to move forward. I wanted to meet him. His name was Lucky. 

I went to an adoption, meet and greet event that Beak n Wings was having at a Petco in Overland Park, about an hour away. There were other conures there to meet, but none seemed too interested and I already had my mind set to meet Lucky. Lucky sat on my shoulder for an hour on our first meeting. I think we both knew this was right. A week or so later I went to pick him up from his foster mom. She had 10 other birds there that she was fostering along with a few of her own. Again, and eye opener!

This is one of the best decisions I have ever made!!!! I love this little guy more than anyone can imagine. He loves to snuggle up under my hair and nibble my ears, preen my hair and occasionally he takes a nap. I can’t imagine my life without him now, and I don’t want to. 

Dog and cat rescues get plenty of attention, but the parrot rescue is so much harder, and parrots are so misunderstood. Birds are complex creatures and some can live a long, long time. These rescue groups give their time, money, homes and heart to these beautiful animals. They are there for me if I have questions, or issues that I need help solving. Some parrots stay in foster care for years. Lucky was in their care for four years before I happened to come along. The average parrot has had about 7 homes their life.

Things have gone so well with Lucky that I decided to adopt another parrot from Beak n Wings. I adopted a Meyers Parrot named Timone. He came from a hoarding situation and has had at least three homes before me, most likely more since he is about 18 years old we think.

My African Grey seems happier to have a flock around him. My house is full of love, feathers and fun. Adopt, don’t shop!! Words to live by!!

Tina Davies


Hi, we just wanted to give you guys an updated on Sampson.  We adopted his this summer and he has been doing great.  We adopted him for me but once he got home he immediately bonded to Jelyna.  He tolerates me but those two are inseparable.  He has learned to give kisses and follows her around the house.  He has started to try to sneak over to our turtle tank for a bath when he thinks we aren't looking.  He also found our display of wine glasses and try to play music by tapping on them.  I think we should find him some musical toys.  He has fit right in with our little family and is a constant source of mischief and laughs.    



My name is Vern and I got adopted on Saturday at the bird show.  I talked my
new family into sending you this message.  My new home has a lot of new faces.
I am in an aviary that has finches, a love bird and a new brother, Hank, who is also a
Cockatiel.  He just looks at me when I visit him in his cage, but my new mother thinks
I should have my own cage for awhile to be safe.  
I am trying to adjust to my new home, but I was just hoping you could be nice and
contact my previous mother who had to give me up.  It will be nice when my old
memories go away though.  Tell her for me that I am doing fine and my new home
allows me to walk around and see my new friends.  My new mom pays a lot of 
attention to me and allows me to sit on her shoulder while she is watching television.
I enjoyed my short stay with my foster mom and tell her I really am grateful.  Everyone
at the show was so very nice and the pretty girl that allowed me to sit on her shoulder
for most of the show, tell her 'Thank you.'

I adopted Maggie, the Buffon's Macaw, at the end of August, 2012.  If you read the article in the Kansas City Star, she had a bit of a reputation during her years at Beak and Wings.  I've always loved the green Macaws, and Jennifer thought Maggie would be a good fit for me.
Maggie joined a household already inhabited by three large dogs, plus Angus (Double Yellow-Headed Amazon), Lola (African Grey), Bruno (Jardine's) and Sherman (Blue-Headed Pionus). 
During our first two weeks, my forearms were bruised and sore.  Getting her into a carrier to go to the vet was quite a task (I still have some scars to show).  She hates carriers. During our vet visit, I learned that, at some point in her life, a tendon was torn in one of her toes, so she couldn't move it.  I figured some of her trepidation of stepping onto an arm or hand was that she couldn't grip so well. 
I had already rehabilitated an underweight, bald, afraid-of-everything (especially hands) African Grey (my beloved Lola), into a beautiful and fully-feathered character that will hang upside down and lay in my hands in full trust, so I figured Maggie and I could work things out.  I never rush things with my parrots.  We have years to spend together, and trust must be established first.
A good diet is of upmost importance.  An unhealthy bird, even marginal, makes training and establishing a relationship more difficult.  My parrots are fed a fully organic diet of Harrison's pellets, sprouted grains, pumpkin seed, mixed nuts (such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pecans, cashews), and some sunflower seed.  I alternate evening meals with fresh mixed organic vegetables/fruit  from the farmer's market or health market, or steamed mashed sweet potato mixed with a small bit of organic peanut butter and red palm oil.
Looking back, I think Maggie was just misunderstood.  She is big and can be intimidating.  People who act hesitant and not confident make their parrots feel unsure, so Maggie would nip to show her feelings.  Truly, after a year with Maggie, I find her delightful.  She has a playful personality.  She is starting to copy words and sounds my other parrots make.  She loves her beak, tongue, head and the soft white skin on her face rubbed.  I have to keep watch, as once in a while she will try to nip me.  It isn't mean at all, just her being playful. Maggie is in no way a mean bird.  Our relationship continues to grow and become closer.  As her trust in me develops, she has begun to seek affection from me.  We have a nightly routine of me holding her bowl and letting her get a drink of water before bedtime.  Then a head rub before the lights are turned off.
I feel blessed to have Maggie as part of the family.  She is a beautiful Macaw with a playful and happy personality.  Thank you, Beak and Wings!
Leslie Rule

I adopted George from Beaks and Wings years ago. He was given up by an elderly couple that was going to a nursing home.
George has been a great addition to our family!!!!
Cheri Michael


I just wanted to let you know that Forrest and Gino are adapting well to our household.  They love wheat Chex and get them frequently as treats. Forrest became a bit difficult when he first arrived but that has settled down and he loves to take showers.  Our daughter handles Forrest regularly and walks around with him on her shoulder. Gino, is loud and protective but will give birdie kisses when asked.  I have had many painful bits, but even that is better.   He loves being with me when I cook, of course he is spoiled at that time to. We are really enjoying them and I think they look forward to us coming home as much as we enjoy getting home to play with them.  With three kids, two birds, a dog, and 4 fish there is never a dull moment.  My 81 year old mother even enjoys them squawking during the day and talks to them. Thanks again for everything you do.



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