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Membership form can be downloaded to the right.

Please send membership form to:

Beak n Wings, Inc.
9010 Rosehill Rd. Ste. B
Lenexa, KS 66215 
Or you can fill in the form and email it back to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Or print it and fax it to (913) 322-2583

For more information, please call (913) 322-3398

NOTE: We do not give refunds on memberships at anytime.


What are birdie bucks and what can I do with them?

Members earn birdie bucks for each hour of volunteer work that they do for the club; this includes all of our rescue and adoption events but not regular monthly meetings. Bucks can be used for up to 1/2 of the adoption fee of any bird over $100. They can also be used to buy bird toys, cook books, educational materials, etc. If you'd like to know how many birdie bucks you earned please contact us.




1) Attendance - Attend seven (7) meetings in a row
2) Great Idea award - If we use your idea, you will receive a certificate
3) Certificate of Achievement - This will vary from person to person
4) Perfect Attendance - Attend eleven (11) regular meetings
5) Member of the year - Voted on by the members. You can only qualify by receiving a certificate throughout the year.
6) Recommend twelve (12) people to join - You get a certificate and your next year membership free.
7) Attend 2/3 of total hours of events we have scheduled for the year (regular meetings NOT included) and receive a free membership (sample. scheduled number hours of events 500, you will need to attend 334 hours of events)
8)President Award - The President of the organization will pick one member to receive this award, based on all the hard work and dedication to Beak n Wings.
9) Vice President of Rescue / Adoption will award the following awards - Foster Home of the Year - Adoptee of the Year - R/A Volunteer of the Year
10) Veterinarian Service - Not limited to Avian Veterinarians
11) Corporate Support - Not limited to only Avian Diets

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Single Membership/year $35

Family Membership/year $40

Business Membership/year $50

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