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What does membership in Beak n Wings mean to our members? Hear what they have to say in their own words.

I've been a widow for almost 7 years, and no matter what I tried, there was an empty space inside that nothing could fill. Since joining Beak N' Wings I've met wonderful people, interacted with lovely birds, and adopted two creatures who seemed to need me as much as I needed them. I now have a purpose.

Dawn A.
Beak N Wings has done so much for me and my husband. My husband was reluctant to handle our Cockatiel and Love Bird and since we've become members, he's not only handling them but also our African Grey. We've learned so much about our birds' health, nutritional, housing and social needs. There is always someone in the club that can answer your questions or guide you to the correct expert for whatever the issue may be. We were chosen by the adoption committee to be the lucky adoptive parents of our lovely African Grey girl, who is the love of our lives. Without the club's support and guidance, our first days with our new girl would not have been as easy as they were.

Dan & Julie

In the fall of 2000, I read about a bird fair at Benjamin Ranch in KCMO. I called my sister who also had birds and we went. It was wonderful to see an entire event dedicated just to birds. I found a membership application and some older newsletters and thought it would nice to get the newsletters and see what else is going on.

That was 6 years ago. Since that time, my family of pets has increased as well as my family has changed in general. I can't express the number of wonderful people I have met in and through the club. Beak N Wings and it's members have become part of my family. The meetings allow us all time to get together, swap stories and even educate each other through our own experiences.

I recommend anyone who has birds to join their local bird club. The information you get will keep you informed and will give you and your bird companions the most, up to date information to keep your birds healthy and happy.

Melissa Newalis

I never thought about taking my birds out anywhere. I always thought it would be too much for them and they would be nervous in public. Since I joined Beak N Wings, I've accompanied senior and newer members to Petco, the City Market, the Flower Lawn & Garden Show, etc. It's been the most wonderful kindergarten for my birds. They love it, especially the City Market, which I'm convinced they think is a bird carnival. They get to check out the other birds and the people passing by. Of course, as senior members of the club will tell you, your bird's wings must be trimmed properly prior to taking them outside. Yes, it's great for your birds, but it's also wonderful for the people. You get to meet and great the public and best of all, you get to talk and talk and talk about your little feathered babies! It's one of the best bird learning experiences I've had and I'm so glad Beak N Wings does this type of educational program.




1) Attendance - Attend seven (7) meetings in a row
2) Great Idea award - If we use your idea, you will receive a certificate
3) Certificate of Achievement - This will vary from person to person
4) Perfect Attendance - Attend eleven (11) regular meetings
5) Member of the year - Voted on by the members. You can only qualify by receiving a certificate throughout the year.
6) Recommend twelve (12) people to join - You get a certificate and your next year membership free.
7) Attend 2/3 of total hours of events we have scheduled for the year (regular meetings NOT included) and receive a free membership (sample. scheduled number hours of events 500, you will need to attend 334 hours of events)
8)President Award - The President of the organization will pick one member to receive this award, based on all the hard work and dedication to Beak n Wings.
9) Vice President of Rescue / Adoption will award the following awards - Foster Home of the Year - Adoptee of the Year - R/A Volunteer of the Year
10) Veterinarian Service - Not limited to Avian Veterinarians
11) Corporate Support - Not limited to only Avian Diets

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