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One cold spring morning not so long ago, I talked my husband into going to a bird expo and sale with friends who had just acquired a small green parrot. My husband was less than enthusiastic because he did not like pet birds, especially large birds capable of big bites! That day, we both learned a lot about companion birds by visiting with vendors, breeders and talking with members of Beak 'n Wings (B'nW) at their information table. We walked away that day with a club brochure, other informative info, a strong desire to know more and a sincere invitation to visit a club meeting.
Within a few days after reading all the information, we visited a monthly club meeting where we were made to feel welcome by several members who willingly answered all of our questions regarding what species of companion bird would make the best addition to our family. After much conversation and more reading we made the decision to join Beak 'n Wings and added not one but two maroon-belly conures to our family. We have never regretted either decision.
We continue to be amazed at the level of expertise members are willing to share with other members and the public, about the joys and efforts involved in being a bird owner! We've seen the number of members grow steadily as B'nW continues its efforts to educate the public through informational booths at area events like the Home and Garden Show, Earth Day celebrations, local festivals, etc. We have fun with our own birds, enjoy fellowship with other members and continue to learn about our feathered pets, as we take part in these activities.
If you are at all interested in companion birds, joining a bird club like B'nW will enrich your life. We've learned enough to really enjoy our pets and take good care of them, had fun and made new friends as a result of joining B'nW - join us!

Eric and Cheriè



1) Attendance - Attend seven (7) meetings in a row
2) Great Idea award - If we use your idea, you will receive a certificate
3) Certificate of Achievement - This will vary from person to person
4) Perfect Attendance - Attend eleven (11) regular meetings
5) Member of the year - Voted on by the members. You can only qualify by receiving a certificate throughout the year.
6) Recommend twelve (12) people to join - You get a certificate and your next year membership free.
7) Attend 2/3 of total hours of events we have scheduled for the year (regular meetings NOT included) and receive a free membership (sample. scheduled number hours of events 500, you will need to attend 334 hours of events)
8)President Award - The President of the organization will pick one member to receive this award, based on all the hard work and dedication to Beak n Wings.
9) Vice President of Rescue / Adoption will award the following awards - Foster Home of the Year - Adoptee of the Year - R/A Volunteer of the Year
10) Veterinarian Service - Not limited to Avian Veterinarians
11) Corporate Support - Not limited to only Avian Diets

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