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I personally want to thank each of these people who have taken in one or more birds and helped rehabilitate, feed, and give them TLC. I know this is not for everyone. They are truly making a difference in the lives of parrots every day .We all have busy schedules but these people have made the time for these companions they love so much.

People with this kind of  passion and dedication are hard to come by.  Our foster homes not only care for these birds daily, but they make the time to pick them up from their surrendering owners, take them to the vet when needed, open their homes to potential adopters who want to meet them and bring them out to adoption events.

It is not an easy job to take in these birds, work with them daily and then hand them over to someone else. To give so selflessly of their time and energy speaks volumes.

Michele Barrier
Kelly Blundell
Jennifer Clair
Lori Colsten
Melissa & Michelle Dainiak
Bobby Davis
Joey & Michelle DiSanto
Linda Engelmann
Cindy Ewert
Jennifer & Kurt Hammett
Joann Hinnerichs
Larry & Kristie Kloepfel
Cathy & Larry Mac Donald
Kathleen McCarthur
Jennifer McDaniels
Tammy McFarland
Mike & Kim McMillian
Lynn Musser
Cathy O’Rourke
Kevin & Cathy Patrick
Stacey Schrader
Jim Shopper
Kenny Smith
Linda Steeves-Haith
LiRae Sullins
Nancy & Josie Thane
Dean Tyson
Marci Walters

updated 1/7/2012

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1) Attendance - Attend seven (7) meetings in a row
2) Great Idea award - If we use your idea, you will receive a certificate
3) Certificate of Achievement - This will vary from person to person
4) Perfect Attendance - Attend eleven (11) regular meetings
5) Member of the year - Voted on by the members. You can only qualify by receiving a certificate throughout the year.
6) Recommend twelve (12) people to join - You get a certificate and your next year membership free.
7) Attend 2/3 of total hours of events we have scheduled for the year (regular meetings NOT included) and receive a free membership (sample. scheduled number hours of events 500, you will need to attend 334 hours of events)
8)President Award - The President of the organization will pick one member to receive this award, based on all the hard work and dedication to Beak n Wings.
9) Vice President of Rescue / Adoption will award the following awards - Foster Home of the Year - Adoptee of the Year - R/A Volunteer of the Year
10) Veterinarian Service - Not limited to Avian Veterinarians
11) Corporate Support - Not limited to only Avian Diets

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