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Membership form can be downloaded to the right.

Please send membership form to:

Beak n Wings, Inc.
9010 Rosehill Rd. Ste. B
Lenexa, KS 66215 
Or you can fill in the form and email it back to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Or print it and fax it to (913) 322-2583

For more information, please call (913) 322-3398

NOTE: We do not give refunds on memberships at anytime.


What are birdie bucks and what can I do with them?

Members earn birdie bucks for each hour of volunteer work that they do for the club; this includes all of our rescue and adoption events but not regular monthly meetings. Bucks can be used for up to 1/2 of the adoption fee of any bird over $100. They can also be used to buy bird toys, cook books, educational materials, etc. If you'd like to know how many birdie bucks you earned please contact us.


What does membership in Beak n Wings mean to our members? Hear what they have to say in their own words.

I've been a widow for almost 7 years, and no matter what I tried, there was an empty space inside that nothing could fill. Since joining Beak N' Wings I've met wonderful people, interacted with lovely birds, and adopted two creatures who seemed to need me as much as I needed them. I now have a purpose.

Dawn A.
Beak N Wings has done so much for me and my husband. My husband was reluctant to handle our Cockatiel and Love Bird and since we've become members, he's not only handling them but also our African Grey. We've learned so much about our birds' health, nutritional, housing and social needs. There is always someone in the club that can answer your questions or guide you to the correct expert for whatever the issue may be. We were chosen by the adoption committee to be the lucky adoptive parents of our lovely African Grey girl, who is the love of our lives. Without the club's support and guidance, our first days with our new girl would not have been as easy as they were.

Dan & Julie

In the fall of 2000, I read about a bird fair at Benjamin Ranch in KCMO. I called my sister who also had birds and we went. It was wonderful to see an entire event dedicated just to birds. I found a membership application and some older newsletters and thought it would nice to get the newsletters and see what else is going on.

That was 6 years ago. Since that time, my family of pets has increased as well as my family has changed in general. I can't express the number of wonderful people I have met in and through the club. Beak N Wings and it's members have become part of my family. The meetings allow us all time to get together, swap stories and even educate each other through our own experiences.

I recommend anyone who has birds to join their local bird club. The information you get will keep you informed and will give you and your bird companions the most, up to date information to keep your birds healthy and happy.

Melissa Newalis

I never thought about taking my birds out anywhere. I always thought it would be too much for them and they would be nervous in public. Since I joined Beak N Wings, I've accompanied senior and newer members to Petco, the City Market, the Flower Lawn & Garden Show, etc. It's been the most wonderful kindergarten for my birds. They love it, especially the City Market, which I'm convinced they think is a bird carnival. They get to check out the other birds and the people passing by. Of course, as senior members of the club will tell you, your bird's wings must be trimmed properly prior to taking them outside. Yes, it's great for your birds, but it's also wonderful for the people. You get to meet and great the public and best of all, you get to talk and talk and talk about your little feathered babies! It's one of the best bird learning experiences I've had and I'm so glad Beak N Wings does this type of educational program.


I never had birds, ever, until I met my wonderful husband, David. At that time (5 years ago) he had only a fledgling Jardine, named Simon. He's now our precocious 5 year old, bursting with personality, and a constant joy. I love Classical music and opera; within a month or so, this little guy was WHISTLING the first bars of 'Fur Elise'! And only when he saw me; or wanted my attention. He knew it was sure-fire!
We next rescued Yo-Yo, 20 years old. He'd been abused; yet within a year or so, he was wanting his chest rubbed, and emitting 'baby sounds' when I did so. His vocabulary is broad, and constantly enlarging. He seems to be particularly fond of me; and whenever I speak, will immediately 'join in', replicating exactly-if not the words I say-the tonality and inflection of my speech. Since I am originally a New Yorker, and Italian, what comes out of him is a gibber-gabber which is excited, very fast, and always intense. I refuse to believe, however, that I really 'sound like that' when I laugh (but that's probably more my denial than Yo-Yo's inexactitude).
Finally, almost a year ago, we adopted Harley, a blue-fronted Macaw. He's five, too, and in contrast to our other 2 boys, has eyes only for my husband, David. Yes, yes: he likes me; but he adores David. He talks and talks, of course: but the greatest surprise to us is how loving he is. He wants nothing more every evening than his 'private time' with David. Out of his cage David takes him; then the two of them sit together on the couch, playing and roughhousing. Since Harley is a 5 year old boy, he likes to be active and engage in the back and forth one sees fathers engage in with their little boys. At first I felt that this was 'too rough' for Harley-but that's just the normal 'girl thing', because Harley absolutely loves every second.
Changed our life? Oh yes! I've rescued dogs for years, and we have three now. I've always known what treasures they are, but the birds are a constant unfolding to me. I often thank my husband for bringing them into my life. And I also thank God, because to me one of the greatest proofs of His love for us is His creation of these wonderful creatures; and giving them to us as our devoted children. After a few hours of Cable News, we find it essential to turn to our animals, because they remind us of the innocence and good there is in this world. They have, as you know, an inexhaustible fund of sweetness and...purity, if I may so express it, in them. And they dispense this to us, daily.
Thank you, Beak n Wings, for always being there-at the clubs, on the phone, and website, whenever we have a question about how to better understand and care for our 'bird babies'. We're really glad you don't charge!

Sincerely, Kathy and David Brown

One cold spring morning not so long ago, I talked my husband into going to a bird expo and sale with friends who had just acquired a small green parrot. My husband was less than enthusiastic because he did not like pet birds, especially large birds capable of big bites! That day, we both learned a lot about companion birds by visiting with vendors, breeders and talking with members of Beak 'n Wings (B'nW) at their information table. We walked away that day with a club brochure, other informative info, a strong desire to know more and a sincere invitation to visit a club meeting.
Within a few days after reading all the information, we visited a monthly club meeting where we were made to feel welcome by several members who willingly answered all of our questions regarding what species of companion bird would make the best addition to our family. After much conversation and more reading we made the decision to join Beak 'n Wings and added not one but two maroon-belly conures to our family. We have never regretted either decision.
We continue to be amazed at the level of expertise members are willing to share with other members and the public, about the joys and efforts involved in being a bird owner! We've seen the number of members grow steadily as B'nW continues its efforts to educate the public through informational booths at area events like the Home and Garden Show, Earth Day celebrations, local festivals, etc. We have fun with our own birds, enjoy fellowship with other members and continue to learn about our feathered pets, as we take part in these activities.
If you are at all interested in companion birds, joining a bird club like B'nW will enrich your life. We've learned enough to really enjoy our pets and take good care of them, had fun and made new friends as a result of joining B'nW - join us!

Eric and Cheriè

Beak n Wings is proud to honor those members who have shown exceptional service to the organization. These individuals have given of themselves and their time to help us grown into the largest, most dynamic companion bird organization in the KC area.  Our special awards and monthly awards are listed here. A description of the awards is to the right.

Life time members:

Members are awarded a lifetime memberships several different ways.
There are many members who do so much for Beak n Wings.
Wayne Ingold        2003
Jean Blevins           2005
Jennifer Hammett   2006
Linda Engelmann   2007
Kevin Patrick          200

Member of the year

Members awarded member of the year by their peers (began in 2001) at our yearly Christmas party. They were nominated by receiving one of the certificates we provide through out the year. Member of the year receives a free membership.

Darold Howard - 2001
Melissa Newallis - 2002
Cathy Patrick - 2003
Deloris Deuser - 2004
Wendy Stephens - 2005
Jennifer Hammett - 2006
Bernie Bradley - 2007
Dan Stephens - 2008
Melissa Dainiak - 2008

Medal Of Honor 2010 (President's Award) 

July - Mirand Porterfield & Renita Tilton
August - Dan Stephens & Kathleen McArthur
September - Brian Marks &  Melissa Dainiak
October - Jennifer Clair & Michele Dainiak
November - Larry Klopfel & LiRae Sullins
December - Jennifer Mc Daniel & Charlotte Butler

Member of the month*

Member of the Month 2010

July—Jennifer Clair
August—Renita Tilton
September—Dean Tyson
October—Kathleen McCarther
December—Joann Hinnerichs

The member of the month is nominated by the other club members and will always be one month behind.

Achievement Award

2007 - Shelly Denham - This is the first time this award has been awarded.

Certificate of Initiative
2008 - Taila Whitely - This is the first time this award has been awarded.

President Award For 2007

Bernie Bradley & Kathleen Siska

Corporate Support Award

2007 - ZuPreem
2008 - ZuPreem

Veterinary Services

2007 - Dr. Mark Romain - Olathe Animal Hospital
2008 - Julie Burge, DVM - Burges Bird Services

Previously Awarded:

Member of the Month

June 2006:                Brenda Osborn
July 2006:                  Patty Weber
August 2006:            Dean Tyson
September 2006:    Teri Harden
October 2006:           Carrie Lewis
November 2006:      Kevin Patrick
December 2006:     No member of the month

Scavenger Hunt:

Member finding the most items or the "free membership", receives a free membership.

Lisa Sopko         2002

Certificates awarded in 2006:

Dean Tyson - Member of the month - 7 meetings in a row - 11 meetings in a row
Brenda Osborn - Member of the month
Jennifer Hammett - 7 meetings in a row - 11 meetings in a row
Patty Weber - Member of the month
Steve Lewis -7 meetings in a row - 11 meetings in a row
Carrie Lewis - 7 meetings in a row - member of the month
Teri Harden - member of the month
Linda Engelmann - 7 meetings in a row
Lisa Sopko - 7 meetings in a row
Dan McCorkindale - 7 meetings in a row
Julie McCorkindale - 7 meetings in a row
Stacy Schrader - 7 meetings in a row - 11 meetings in a row
Kevin Patrick -7 meetings in a row - 11 meetings in a row

Certificates awarded in 2007:

Dean Tyson -  Attendance - Perfect Attendance - Most hours of events
Michele Barrier -  Attendance - R/A Volunteer of the Year - 339.65 hours of events
Bernie Bradley -President Award - Member of the Year
Kathleen Siska - President Award
Cathy O'Rourke - Attendance
Cathy Patrick - Attendance
Shelly Denham - Attendance - Achievement Award
Randy Shirk - 294 hrs of events - Attendance
Janie Shirk - 267.50 hrs of events - Attendance
Joseph Claybrook - Attendance - Perfect Attendance
Cheryl Claybrook - Attendance
Stacy Schrader - Attendance
Grayden Denham - Attendance
Lori Colsten - Attendance
Dan Stephens - Attendance
Melissa Dainiak - Attendance - (along with wife Michelle) Adoptee of the Year
Larry Kloepfel - Foster Home of the Year

Certificates Awarded in 2008

Dean Tyson - Attendance - Perfect Attendance - Most hours of events 421 hours
Michele Barrier - Attendance - R/A Volunteer of the Year
Joann Hinnerichs -R/A Volunteer of the Year
Brian Marks - R/A Volunteer of the Year
Bernie Bradley - Attendance - Perfect Attendance
Melissa John Dainiak - Foster Home of The Year - Attendance - Perfect Attendance - Member of The Year - Event Hours 256
Joseph Claybrook - Attendance
Stacy Schrader - Attendance
Dan Stephens - Attendance - Perfect Attendance - Event Hours 280.5- Member of The Year
Michele Dainiak - Foster Home of The Year - Attendance - Perfect Attendance
Shelley Larvie - President Award
Pam Rasmussen - President Award
LeahAnn Gill - President Award
Kelly Gill - President Award
Stephanie LeMunyon - President Award
David LeMunyon - President Award
Bonnie Fitel - President Award
ZuPreem - Business of The Year - President Award
Taila Whitely - Certificate of Initiative
Julie Burge, DVM - Veterinarian of The Year
Jennifer & Kurt Hammett - Foster Home of The Year

Events - 2006

We had 383.5 recorded hours of attendance at our public events. Out of the 57 members who attended, we had 3 members who reached their 2/3 earned hours and were awarded a free membership.

Dean Tyson - 417 hours
Jennifer Hammett - 330.5 hours
Michele Barrier - 302.5 hours

We would like to thank everyone who came out this year and helped to promote Beak n Wings; and helped with educating other bird owners. Here are a some of our members with the most hours:

Beth Barrier - 247.5 hours, Kurt Hammett 203 hours, Kathleen Siska 137.5 hours, Kevin Patrick 135 hours, Dan Stephens 117 hours, Jo Griffino 109.5 hours, Will Coleman 82.5 hours, Terri Coleman 79.5 hours

Again, thanks to everyone who came out and helped this year.

Events - 2007

We had 445 recorded hours of attendance at our public events (71 days). Out of 86 member volunteers who helped at the events, we had 4 members who reached their 2/3 earned hours and were awarded a free membership.

Dean Tyson - 482 hrs
Michele Barrier - 339.65 hrs
Randy Shirk - 294 hrs
Janie Shirk - 267.50

Total man hours = 4,758.55 = Did you know there are only 8,760 hours a year?

Events - 2008

We had 440 recorded hours of attendance at our public events (61 days of events). Out of 71 member volunteers who helped at the events, we had 3 members who reached their 2/3 earned hours and were awarded a free membership.

Total man hours = 4,037.75

Dean Tyson - 421 hrs
Dan Stephens - 280.5 hrs
Melissa Dainiak - 256 hrs


List of members attending seven (7) regular meetings in a row 2007.

Dean Tyson
Cathy Patrick
Shelly Denham
Grayden Denham
Cheryl Claybrook
Joseph Claybrook
Stacy Schrader
Lori Colsten
Cathy O'Rourke
Dan Stephens
Michele Barrier
Melissa Dainaik
Randy Shirk
Janie Shirk

Perfect attendance

List of members attending eleven (11) meetings in a row 2007.

Dean Tyson
Joseph Claybrook

Perfect attendance

List of members attending eleven (11) meetings in a row 2008.

Dean Tyson
Melissa Dainiak
Michele Dainiak
Dan Stephens
Bernie Bradley

I personally want to thank each of these people who have taken in one or more birds and helped rehabilitate, feed, and give them TLC. I know this is not for everyone. They are truly making a difference in the lives of parrots every day .We all have busy schedules but these people have made the time for these companions they love so much.

People with this kind of  passion and dedication are hard to come by.  Our foster homes not only care for these birds daily, but they make the time to pick them up from their surrendering owners, take them to the vet when needed, open their homes to potential adopters who want to meet them and bring them out to adoption events.

It is not an easy job to take in these birds, work with them daily and then hand them over to someone else. To give so selflessly of their time and energy speaks volumes.

Michele Barrier
Kelly Blundell
Jennifer Clair
Lori Colsten
Melissa & Michelle Dainiak
Bobby Davis
Joey & Michelle DiSanto
Linda Engelmann
Cindy Ewert
Jennifer & Kurt Hammett
Joann Hinnerichs
Larry & Kristie Kloepfel
Cathy & Larry Mac Donald
Kathleen McCarthur
Jennifer McDaniels
Tammy McFarland
Mike & Kim McMillian
Lynn Musser
Cathy O’Rourke
Kevin & Cathy Patrick
Stacey Schrader
Jim Shopper
Kenny Smith
Linda Steeves-Haith
LiRae Sullins
Nancy & Josie Thane
Dean Tyson
Marci Walters

updated 1/7/2012

Interested in becoming a Beak n Wings foster home? Read about it here.



1) Attendance - Attend seven (7) meetings in a row
2) Great Idea award - If we use your idea, you will receive a certificate
3) Certificate of Achievement - This will vary from person to person
4) Perfect Attendance - Attend eleven (11) regular meetings
5) Member of the year - Voted on by the members. You can only qualify by receiving a certificate throughout the year.
6) Recommend twelve (12) people to join - You get a certificate and your next year membership free.
7) Attend 2/3 of total hours of events we have scheduled for the year (regular meetings NOT included) and receive a free membership (sample. scheduled number hours of events 500, you will need to attend 334 hours of events)
8)President Award - The President of the organization will pick one member to receive this award, based on all the hard work and dedication to Beak n Wings.
9) Vice President of Rescue / Adoption will award the following awards - Foster Home of the Year - Adoptee of the Year - R/A Volunteer of the Year
10) Veterinarian Service - Not limited to Avian Veterinarians
11) Corporate Support - Not limited to only Avian Diets

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