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Many bird owners are interested in coloring wood and rope themselves. Here are a couple options for dyeing toys.

Cake Food Color (Paste or Gel)
You can purchase cake food color gel or paste where cake decorating supplies are sold. Add a one-ounce jar of color to one quart of hot water.

Natural Food and Vegetable Coloring
Many foods can also be used to color or dye toy parts, they’re messier and harder to use than the cake food color. Make sure any food item you use is clean, fresh, and stored properly to avoid contamination by bacteria or mold.

Red - beet juice
Blue - juice from canned blueberries
Yellow - boil onion skins (brown paper portion) in a small pan with water and a teaspoon of white vinegar. Let stand (cold) overnight.
Green - mix blue and yellow
Purple - mix red and blue

These colors have sugar in them. Store and use carefully to avoid spoilage. Allow the wood to dry completely before storing. From:



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