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Common Questions:

How long does it take to adopt a bird?
This process usually takes about 2-3 weeks.
As an all-volunteer group we have limited people power and most of our volunteers have other full-time jobs. At times it may take longer for a number of reasons, such as more than one applicant for the same bird, holidays, etc. Our priority is not to have a speedy process, but a careful one that ensures proper placement of our companion birds. Multiple changes can be difficult for the bird, and we wish to ensure their safety.

Why the home study?
* We want to ensure that we are placing these birds in the best home we can find for them. They deserve to have a happy and healthy life.
* We do follow up visits on all birds (Conure up to Macaw). If we find that the bird we placed in your home is not receiving the care it deserves, we will remove the bird and return it to the program (read your contract very carefully).

What is the home study like?
Our volunteers will come to your home and sit down with you to go over a questionnaire. They will want to see that you have done some research and have an idea of the following: basic parrot nutrition, common household dangers, basic parrot behavior, and health problems. If you are not familiar with these topics we strongly suggest attending the Basic Bird Care 101 class BEFORE your home study. We cannot approve an adoption to someone who has not invested a little time to research the proper care of their new family member. This is your opportunity for questions as well, so please take advantage of it! You will also be given a copy of the Adoption Contract to read so you can ask questions about it if you have them.

They will want to see where you are planning to keep the bird and if possible, the cage you have; what other pets you have and the general living areas of the home such as living room and kitchen. They do not need to see bedrooms unless this is where you plan to keep the bird. They are looking for clean, safe, smoke free homes (outdoor smoking permitted). We do not adopt for the purpose of  breeding.

Do members get first choice of birds?
Anyone who has been a member for 90 days or more may apply to adopt a bird while the bird is in the observation period (the bird will still need to remain with us to complete the 30 day observation period). Once the bird is out of observation, if a member has not applied for adoption, it will be available to the public at that time.

What can I not do when I adopt a bird from Beak n Wings?
1) When you adopt a bird you will be signing a contract stating that you will not give away, sell, or breed your new adopted companion.
2) The contract also states that if you cannot keep your new companion, you must return the bird to Beak n Wings.

What is the contract?
You must sign a Contract when you adopt a bird, no matter the species or size of the bird. You will be given a copy for your records. We also require a release form that everyone who adopts or fosters a bird must sign. This form is for the protection of the birds as well as Beak n Wings.

* You will be agreeing to not sell, breed or give away the bird.
* You will have ten days to take the bird to the vet to have a check up.

There is much more to the contract than we have provided on this page, so please read your contract very carefully.


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To Be A Foster Care Provider....

It has been said that “The eyes are the mirror to the soul” what does your foster bird see when he or she looks into your eyes? Next and this is of the upmost importance what do we see when we look into the eyes of our feathered companion. Fostering a bird that has been given up for adoption can be a massive and difficult undertaking. We must ask ourselves are we up to the task? The birds we are fostering have sometimes been passed along from one home to another, when we look into their eyes do you see mistrust or uncertainty.
When we foster a bird that has lost his or her human companion through death what do we see in their eyes, can it be fear or confusion? Can we find the time these intelligent and fragile creatures require to once again feel loved and to help them develop a sense of I belong here! When a bird begins the difficult journey of once again trusting and allowing a human companion into their heart and world are we willing to sacrifice our emotions and fears to help them overcome theirs? When we are ready to take that first step and decide we would like to foster a bird we should first read up on the species we are considering to bring into our home, evaluate and re-evaluate the reason(s) we are motivated to take on this responsibility, and finally do we have the time and patience to take on the task at hand. I know first hand that even taking a nip or two can make us wonder am I doing the right thing! But only time will tell if your efforts are working towards a mutual relationship of trust and love. The end rewards are what make it all worth the effort and time, so what will our feathered friend see when they into your eyes? And what will we see when we look into theirs. Fostering a bird can and will be one of the most rewarding things we can do in our lives, and if we can bring some peace and stability into their lives it will make it easier for someone to adopt and enjoy a relationship with our feathered friend. Beak N Wings, with the support of its officers, volunteers and members allows you to see these birds first hand and to learn what their positive and not so positive attributes are. Join the club and be part of the solution of restoring love and trust back into these beautiful and sensitive friends of ours. Become a foster care provider, the rewards will be unbelievable.

Fred Venuti
Beak N Wings member

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