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Want to foster?

Beak n Wings can always use good clean homes for foster care.

* You must have been a member for 90 days to foster. (We will waive the 90 day requirement at our discretion when foster home space is low.) To get your membership application click here

* To get your copy of the foster/adoption application click here.

* You must agree to bring the foster birds to our events at LEAST ONCE per month, this allows the public to see the bird, and increases the chances to adopt the bird to a good home. Therefore, you must live within reasonable driving distance. Birds with certain behavioral problems are an exception, they don't have to be brought out.

*Please note, our foster homes are not trial adoptions. We expect our foster homes to work on socialization of our birds as well as providing their daily care. Our Rescue/Adoption staff assign birds to foster homes taking into account the personal preferences and experience of the foster home, but we do not accept requests to foster a particular bird.

* You must agree to follow up visits on all birds you are fostering. We must keep watch over all birds in the program.

*Foster birds remain the property of Beak n Wings. In the event of a relocation, you must contact us within 14 days. Be aware that not contacting BNW within 14 days of a move constitutes theft and is punishable by law.

NOTE: Beak n Wings, Inc. is a Kansas licensed shelter for exotic birds.


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Our Statistics

Number of birds we have taken in to re-home:

2003 = 58
2004 = 124
2005 = 110
2006 = 200
2007 = 177
2008 = 164
2009 = 210
2010 = 64
2011 = 142
2012 = 100
2013 = 106 
2014 = 110 
2015 = 49 
2016 = 74 
2017 = 160
Total to date = 1848
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Updated 12/19/17


To Be A Foster Care Provider....

It has been said that “The eyes are the mirror to the soul” what does your foster bird see when he or she looks into your eyes? Next and this is of the upmost importance what do we see when we look into the eyes of our feathered companion. Fostering a bird that has been given up for adoption can be a massive and difficult undertaking. We must ask ourselves are we up to the task? The birds we are fostering have sometimes been passed along from one home to another, when we look into their eyes do you see mistrust or uncertainty.
When we foster a bird that has lost his or her human companion through death what do we see in their eyes, can it be fear or confusion? Can we find the time these intelligent and fragile creatures require to once again feel loved and to help them develop a sense of I belong here! When a bird begins the difficult journey of once again trusting and allowing a human companion into their heart and world are we willing to sacrifice our emotions and fears to help them overcome theirs? When we are ready to take that first step and decide we would like to foster a bird we should first read up on the species we are considering to bring into our home, evaluate and re-evaluate the reason(s) we are motivated to take on this responsibility, and finally do we have the time and patience to take on the task at hand. I know first hand that even taking a nip or two can make us wonder am I doing the right thing! But only time will tell if your efforts are working towards a mutual relationship of trust and love. The end rewards are what make it all worth the effort and time, so what will our feathered friend see when they into your eyes? And what will we see when we look into theirs. Fostering a bird can and will be one of the most rewarding things we can do in our lives, and if we can bring some peace and stability into their lives it will make it easier for someone to adopt and enjoy a relationship with our feathered friend. Beak N Wings, with the support of its officers, volunteers and members allows you to see these birds first hand and to learn what their positive and not so positive attributes are. Join the club and be part of the solution of restoring love and trust back into these beautiful and sensitive friends of ours. Become a foster care provider, the rewards will be unbelievable.

Fred Venuti
Beak N Wings member

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